圣言社 ’的流浪儿童康复和保护工作(ORPER,法文)


*Based on the story of 3d开奖结果走势图综合 (last name withheld for privacy). Other names have been changed for privacy.  Information for this story was provided by 3d开奖结果走势图综合 and Father Alpha Mazenga, SVD, director of ORPER.


It was almost time for bed, and 3d开奖结果走势图综合, 7, was relieved. Living in a three-room house with 11 people was never easy, but today had been particularly challenging. 3d开奖结果走势图综合’阿姨整天都在用匕首射击— again. 3d开奖结果走势图综合 knew her aunt resented having to share her food and her roofless home on the outskirts of Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with 3d开奖结果走势图综合’s family, but why she was singling 3d开奖结果走势图综合 out was a mystery. 3d开奖结果走势图综合 was looking forward to the escape sleep would give her from her aunt’s angry looks.


“I’m so hungry,” said Abbie, 3d开奖结果走势图综合’s younger sister, as her stomach growled. 3d开奖结果走势图综合 and her brothers and sisters ate only once a day, sometimes not at all.


“Well, we know who’s to blame for that,” 3d开奖结果走势图综合’s aunt said pointedly, glaring at 3d开奖结果走势图综合.


3d开奖结果走势图综合 pretended she hadn’t heard. “Come on, Gloire,” 3d开奖结果走势图综合 said quietly, approaching her 3-year-old cousin. “Time for bed.”


“远离我的女儿!” her aunt shouted. 3d开奖结果走势图综合, whose arms were outstretched to her cousin, dropped them in shock. “Aunt?”其余的家庭停止了他们正在做的事情,然后走近了,看看发生了什么。


“姊怎么了” 3d开奖结果走势图综合’s mother asked.


3d开奖结果走势图综合’s aunt pointed one long, accusing finger at 3d开奖结果走势图综合. “It’s your daughter,” she said. “她是对我们的苦难负责的人。看我的小女孩!”她指着那个蹒跚学步的孩子从尘土地板上凝视着她。“It’已经三年了,她仍然可以’t walk. 她 doesn’t even speak! It’好像魔鬼自己已经束手无策了。我告诉你,你的女儿要怪!”


“I don’t understand,” said 3d开奖结果走势图综合’s mother, putting an arm around 3d开奖结果走势图综合 and trying to calm her sister-in-law. “What are you saying?”


“I am saying,” said 3d开奖结果走势图综合’阿姨,她的声音因愤怒而颤抖,“你的女儿是一个女巫。”


Everyone gasped. 3d开奖结果走势图综合’s mother’s fingers tightened, then trembled on 3d开奖结果走势图综合’s shoulders.


“她必须为自己所做的付出,” 3d开奖结果走势图综合’s aunt demanded. “她诅咒我的孩子。她诅咒了我们所有人!”


3d开奖结果走势图综合 began to cry. “I am not a witch!” Witches were horrible things. They had invisible horns and tails that church pastors could see. They made crops fail and babies die. Like most of her neighbors, 3d开奖结果走势图综合 believed that such evil existed. But to be accused of it was beyond belief.


3d开奖结果走势图综合 realized with a sickening sensation that although her family looked stupefied and shocked, no one was speaking out in her defense.  她 recalled other children she knew of whose families, struck by hardship, had accused them of witchcraft. These families had abandoned their children; 3d开奖结果走势图综合 had never seen them again.


“Mama,”她说,声音颤抖,“tell them 我不是女巫!”


3d开奖结果走势图综合’s mother’s eyes were sad. 她 dearly loved her daughter. But 3d开奖结果走势图综合 could see a shard of doubt in her mother’s eyes. It pierced 3d开奖结果走势图综合 like broken glass. “Mama?”


3d开奖结果走势图综合’的母亲将她的胳膊around住。 但是她什么也没说。




给我看看那个受苦的女孩,” said the pastor. 3d开奖结果走势图综合 was nudged forward.


3d开奖结果走势图综合’一家人把她带到当地“spiritual awakening” church. It was her mother, oscillating between trust and doubt, who had suggested the idea. The pastor, she said, would know whether 3d开奖结果走势图综合 was —有意识或无意识地— a witch.


The pastor scrutinized 3d开奖结果走势图综合. “圣灵将揭示她是否有巫婆的形状。” He continued to stare. 3d开奖结果走势图综合’的眼睛向他恳求。他皱了皱眉,然后悲伤地打手势。


“There,” he said. “我可以看到她头发上方的角。”




“她可能不知道自己的恶行,”牧师说,试图安慰她的母亲。“并非所有的孩子都是。 如果您愿意为她带来食物并支付必要的款项,我们将把她和其他孩子一起住在这里,并让她接受治疗—定期禁食,每天洗净水和鸡蛋,用胡椒和生姜使身体通透,用油涂油膏,喝盐水,当然还有我本人和教区居民的祈祷。及时—也许几年—您的女儿将得到恢复。”




Two years later, 3d开奖结果走势图综合, now 9, awoke on the streets of Kinshasa. It was hardly sunrise, and already someone was poking her to wake up.  What was going on?


3d开奖结果走势图综合 opened her eyes and saw the face of an adult man leering at her. “Hello, pretty one.”


3d开奖结果走势图综合 scrambled to her feet, her heart pounding with fear. “What do you want?”


The man leered again. 3d开奖结果走势图综合 grabbed at the plastic bags she had stuffed beneath herself as a pillow —她在街上卖的谋生袋。她向那个男人伸出了手。“Good price,”她说。她的手摇了摇。


那人笑了,露出一口脏牙。“No,” he said. “That’s not what I want.”


3d开奖结果走势图综合’s insides twisted.  她知道他想要什么。 她到街上只呆了大约一个星期,但一生中所见所闻比以往任何时候都多。 她逃离了教堂,在那里她的家人不再探望她,“curing”程序正在进行中。 On the city streets, where she hoped to make a better life for herself, she met many children who had been falsely accused and who treated her with compassion. But she also met many people whose actions were more devilish than anything her family had accused her of. 3d开奖结果走势图综合 looked around and realized there was no one to protect her. 我能做什么?


“How much?” the man asked, turning his head. 3d开奖结果走势图综合 saw one of the older street girls, a prostitute, emerging around the corner of the building 3d开奖结果走势图综合 had slept against.


“She’s new,”女孩说,快到了。“It’ll cost you.”


Her instincts screaming, 3d开奖结果走势图综合 tried to run away. The older girl grabbed her arm and dug her nails in. 3d开奖结果走势图综合 cried out.


“你觉得你在哪里’re going?” the girl asked. “You’必须像我们其他人一样在这里发挥自己的作用。”她转向那个男人,伸出手掌。“I’ll be taking a cut.”




A few months later, 3d开奖结果走势图综合 walked into the ORPER center —街头儿童的康复和保护工作(法语)—首次。 So many friends had told her about this place, and 3d开奖结果走势图综合 wanted to find out if it was as good as she’d听说过。一位天主教牧师对她表示欢迎,并问了一些有关她生活的问题。 她和家人有联系吗? 没有。 她过得如何? 卖淫,零用钱,卖塑料袋。 她在用毒品吗? 是。 她为什么在街上?


“我的家人指责我巫术,” 3d开奖结果走势图综合 said stiffly. 她 waited for the averted eyes, the shake of the head, the condemnations. 她 instinctively smoothed down her hair. Maybe, like the pastor at the 精神觉醒 church, this Catholic priest would see horns on her head. Maybe he would tell her she was an evil child who deserved everything she got.


“而且您相信自己是女巫吗?” the priest asked.


3d开奖结果走势图综合 paused. “No,” she said. “I don’t.”


“I quite agree,” said the priest. “你是上帝的孩子。非常欢迎您在这里。”


What happened to 3d开奖结果走势图综合?


3d开奖结果走势图综合 was welcomed at ORPER, where she received housing, education, counseling, and where she stopped using drugs. 她 became a Catholic and received Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation. Thus far, efforts to reunite 3d开奖结果走势图综合 with her family have been unsuccessful.


3d开奖结果走势图综合 is now 16. At ORPER, she has found many new friends and is developing her singing talent. 她 is the star in the ORPER chorus and had the opportunity to meet her favorite Congolese singer, Ferre-Gola. Hope, writes ORPER’SVD的父亲Alpha Mazenga父亲已经重生。




ORPER,法国的首字母缩写“街头儿童的康复和保护工作,”是刚果首都金夏沙的神圣传教士部。 ORPER每年通过提供食物,教育,贸易技能,医疗保健和住房为3,000名流浪儿童提供服务。 ORPER的孩子经营着一家面包店和一个农场,以帮助他们赚钱,还参加冬季合唱团和唱歌,以帮助人们了解他们的处境。


在任何给定时间有150名儿童居住在寄宿房中,接待中心每天为约500名儿童提供帮助。 ORPER还尝试使流浪儿童与家人团聚。




要提供帮助,请访问 svdmissions.org 或致电800-275-0626。

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