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Here is some of what you’ll find:
❱ Do’s and don’ts as you make your search
❱ Tips for writing a winning essay
❱ Why the campus visit is essential,
and how to make the most out of it
❱ How to pay for college
❱ 10 rules 4 campus dating
❱ Popular majors and activities at faithful Catholic colleges
❱ How to keep your faith strong on campus
❱ The keys to college success
❱ ...and more!
Hi, my name is Kelly Salomon, and I am the editor of The Newman Guide! Ten years ago, I was a high school student who used The Newman Guide to find my alma mater. I wanted to attend an authentic Catholic college where I could study the liberal arts and compete on a Division I tennis team. During college, I grew in my faith, prepared for my career, and met my husband. I’m
so grateful for The Newman Guide and am eager to help YOU experience all that a faithful Catholic college can provide.
Please feel free to email me with
your college search questions at [email protected]
God bless you!
Kelly Salomon
Editor of The Newman Guide, The Cardinal Newman Society

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